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Cell phones and common courtesy

Dear Editor:Where to begin?Why cell phones? Can’t walk/hike without one? Can’t miss a deal? Can’t eat a meal? Yes, yes, there might be an emergency.How about a neighbor who feels entitled to roam on private property with her dog and her cell phone beneath your windows at 10 p.m. – or any time?I am researching a device to disrupt cell phone reception in my personal space. Any info welcomed – R&D investment available.As for driving and courtesy – 25, 30, 35 … 65, 70, 75 not fast enough for you? Legal distance between moving vehicles is really important, but only for safety, though.Do you see many cars with drivers fully attentive to the task of driving? ‘Course, you might be unable to note this being on your cell phone and/or crossing outside the pedestrian crosswalk, or riding your bike against traffic.Oh, yes, yellow light means speed up, not caution! Let’s rattle the pedestrians who have seconds to cross. Great sport, that.Noise and egoism seem to go hand-in-hand here. See me! See me! Hear me! Hear me!Oh, relax! “It’s Aspen.” It won’t be – at this rate.P.S.: Don’t forget to keep lights burning 24 hours a day in those obscene, wasteful, mostly empty homes.Barbara DunawayAspen