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Celebrating John Denver

Dear Editor:I scold myself for responding to people like Christine Smith (Aspen Times, Sept. 9) as they tend to write for ulterior motives and not to address the issues to which they would speak. Ms. Smith is this person. She speaks of the celebration in Aspen as if she were scraping Aspen off her shoes when in fact she has never attended the celebration and only speaks to the issue of the celebration while she promotes her “premier” celebration. If it were the premier celebration, would Mr. Denver’s own family be compelled to attend? One would think.Ms. Smith commands the attention and the spotlight for the “premier” celebration, when in fact it is the “premier” celebration for Ms. Smith to shamelessly promote her event. If you find her Web site on line, you will see for yourself, but you will not be able to say you got the Web site from this letter, as I won’t give it.If you do find her site, you can form your own opinion of Ms. Smith and her events and charities. I, for one, know that money is raised in the Aspen events for the Peace Cloth, Windstar, MUSE, Rocky Mountain Memory Benefit, Assisted Living Center, Let This Be a Voice Auction and Concert. Mr. Denver used his celebrity to assist in funding the causes he stood for, and now so do his fans – in Aspen.Rik BurgoyneMichigan