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Celebrate the AVMF

Dear Editor:

I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to the staff, board and donors of the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation. I just attended their annual Celebration of Giving reception and once again was blown away by the tremendous amount of work and love the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation puts into our community.

They awarded 30 grants to nonprofits who do everything from working with children to seniors. A check was given to the Aspen Valley Hospital for over $650,000 to provide all of us with better service and care at the hospital. They have given away multiple scholarships to young adults who are furthering their education in the health field to become nurses and paramedics. The list doesn’t end there! They are still working on projects to help restore Pearlington after Hurricane Katrina and to restore Hospice in our valley. I am amazed at all the endeavors the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation tackles year after year, with such humility.

As a grant recipient at the Aspen Youth Center we couldn’t provide our services to youth in the valley without their help. The grant we receive allows us to fulfill our mission and provide scholarships to families in need. In these tough economic times, I am so glad to have all the people involved with the medical foundation working to make our community such an amazing place. Thank you again for a wonderful, inspirational evening!

Sarah Visnic

executive director

Aspen Youth Center

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