CDOT begins pothole repairs on highways around the state |

CDOT begins pothole repairs on highways around the state

Vail Daily Staff Report

As spring approaches the Colorado Department of Transportation maintenance crews are working to repair potholes on highways around the state.

“Pothole repairs are taking place throughout the state, as weather conditions allow,” said Kyle Lester, director of CDOT’s Division of Highway Maintenance. “I’m asking for people to slow down driving around our mobile work zones. Our crews are doing their best to repair the highways and make the road surface safer for travel.”

Throughout the early spring drivers should be prepared for single-lane closures, along with possible delays while CDOT works to repair potholes.

Potholes cost about $60 per square yard to repair, and take between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the hole depth and width. Per CDOT protocol, full-lane closures are required on any lane requiring the stopping or exiting of vehicles.

“If a driver sees or hits a pothole on a state highway, we encourage them to contact us so we can get a repair scheduled,” said Lester. “We appreciate it when drivers let us know where a pothole has formed so we can repair it as soon as possible.”