Caveat emptor at the market |

Caveat emptor at the market

Caveat emptor at the market

Dear Editor:

I went to the Farmers Market on Saturday and purchased some pasta. I did not want to overbuy for my recipe so noticing the pricing for half pound and pound I asked the guy if he charged according to weight. He said yes. I watched as he put my two bags individually on the scale and noticed that they were approximately three-quarters of a pound. He did not add pasta to the bags to make a full pound but charged me for a pound of each. I left the booth and was bothered. I had another vendor weigh my purchases to confirm what I saw. I returned to the booth and told the young gal about it. She was confused as to what to do. I said I did not want money back but would like more pasta. She did so reluctantly and scantily not offering to check the weight; I did not even ask.

Buyers beware ” you are not getting your money’s worth from this vendor!

Mary Lou Farrell

Snowmass Village

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