CAVE group or CAVED? |

CAVE group or CAVED?

Dear Editor:Just when I had about given up on my search for a name for “this loosely knit group of community activists who have emerged as a political force in Aspen,” along comes Tony Hershey with his creative mind and invents the CAVE people.I like it. Sure enough … there is this quiet, polite group of concerned citizens out there who really do have their finger on the pulse of Aspen’s community as evidenced by how successful they have been in maintaining what the majority of Aspenites respect in their community.Instead of calling the group CAVE, Citizens Against Virtually Everything, I think we should call it CAVED, Citizens Against Virtually Everything DREADED.You see, when some of our elected officials have CAVED in to developers’ requests to go bigger, higher, and denser, with less or no open space, without taking into consideration the impacts of more traffic, more congestion, more pollution, less views, higher taxes and more subsidies, I dread it.Tim Semrau responds that the CAVE people are living in the past, are afraid of the 21st century, and can’t cope with change. Of course, I disagree with him. It’s not change we can’t cope with, we actually welcome change. It’s those dreaded ill-thought-out impacts, warnings of which were not listened to, that I dread.Change is always welcome, especially if it improves the quality of life for Aspenites and our wonderful tourists, and increases revenues that pay for things like our soon-to-be-reopened swimming pool.Toni KronbergAspen