Caution: You must slow down |

Caution: You must slow down

Dear Editor:I wonder what prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation to put the message on the electronic message board on the westbound side of Highway 82 near the Aspen airport? “*STATE LAW* MOVE OVER ONE LANE WHEN EMERGENCY VEHICLES ON SHOULDER *STATE LAW*”I didn’t call CDOT to find out. I imagine that sign is there because it is frightening to be a paramedic or law enforcement person trying to help someone with cars, trucks and buses whizzing by.Some other messages I’ve read on that board ask drivers to “Watch out for wildlife on the Highway,” or “Click it or Ticket.” I’ve never seen a message that says “SPEED LIMITS ENFORCED, SLOW DOWN!”I wonder why the media spends so much time on the exploits of Britney Spears and where Anna Nicole’s body is going to be buried and very little about the tragedy that families face everyday when a loved one is killed or seriously injured in a car accident?There are two events that happened in my life that stay with me and fuel my determination to get people to stop driving so aggressively. The first is the anguish that a family friend went through when as a fireman, he responded to a car accident. It was a teen he knew who was driving recklessly and was killed by decapitation. The second was the death of a high school friend and her two small children, who were killed when an out-of-control driver’s car jumped the median and crashed through her windshield.Why do we have to be told to move over one lane when the shoulder is occupied with an emergency? Why do we need message boards to be responsible people? *WARNING* DRIVING AGGRESSIVELY COULD LEAD TO INJURY AND/OR DEATH.Kim VieiraAspen

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