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Caught on tape

Joel Stonington

An allegedly drunk driver raced his car down Main Street late Friday night, skidded more than 100 feet and missed a taxi by inches before crashing head-on into a boulder at 7th and Main streets. And it was all caught on tape.Aspen Police Officer Dan Glidden was parked at 7th and Main, with his patrol car’s video camera running, when the 1997 Chevy hurtled in front of him and hit the rock. Injured in the accident were Glenwood Springs resident Chad Eaker, 27, and his passenger, 22-year-old Joshua Hinman of Parachute. Hinman suffered a broken ankle and did not regain consciousness until he reached the hospital; Eaker was also injured and had to be restrained at the hospital because he got a bit rambunctious, according to Aspen Police Officer Linda Consuegra.”He almost T-boned that taxi,” she said. “People would have died in the cab.”The vehicle’s airbags activated, which Consuegra said may have saved Eaker’s and Hinman’s lives. The impact from the collision spun the car 180 degrees; the front end was completely crushed and the windows were shattered. Results from a blood alcohol test on Eaker were pending Saturday, but alcohol is considered a factor in the accident.”There’s no reason why people should be drinking and driving,” said Consuegra, mentioning Tipsy Taxi and local bus system. “When people ask us, and they’ve had too much to drink, we’ll get them home safely.” Joel Stonington’s e-mail address is