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Catherine Kappeli

Catherine Kappeli passed away Friday the 19th of October at the age of 62.

Catherine came to Aspen in 1971 to ski and never left. She fell in love with the area, as many do on their first visit to Aspen. One of her favorite things to do was to sit in a high mountain meadow filled with wild flowers, she called it Jehovah’s gift to mankind. When she was done visiting the field of flowers, her hair was graced with some of the fields booty.

When Catherine had learned that God gave this earth to us and that we have the prospect of living on it forever (Psalms 37:29) and, this would be under conditions free from pain, sorrow, sickness and death, as Revelation 21:3,4 shows, she wanted to learn more about that eventuality. Catherine spent many years teaching these truths to others in the Aspen area, a work that the Witnesses are well known for world wide.

Some of the promises she especially appreciatesd, come from the Bible book bearing the name of it’s writer: Job, he too had to bear a grievous illness, one that left him contemplating death, but Job did not fear death. His reasons for such a positive outlook are highlighted in Chapter 14 verses 7-15, there he explains that ‘there exists a hope for even a tree when it gets cut down, because it will even sprout again’, how much more so, then, would such an eventuality be true for the crown of God’s creative works, intelligent mankind. Job said: “O that in the grave you would conceal me…that you would set a time limit for me and remember me!” and then Job posed the question: “If an able-bodied dies, can he live again?” then he answers his own question in verse 15: “You (God) will call, and I myself shall answer you.” Yes, there does exist a hope of a resurrection for all those in God’s memory (John 5:28,29)

So strong was Catherine’s faith in these words that she shared them with others, even when staring death, ‘mans last enemy’ in the face. (1 Corinthians 15:26)

Catherine’s final thoughts to Rolf, her husband of 33 years, were: ” It’s only a comma that follows death- not a period, see you soon!”

To respect Catherine’s wishes, there will be no memorial service, instead, there will be a private grave side at some future time. A message to those who morn her death, in her words: “Get over it, move on.”

Catherine – We will see you soon.

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