Catering to the NIMBYs |

Catering to the NIMBYs

Dear Editor:

In a July 5 letter Glenn Beaton of the West End suggests that Catherine Cross has no right to complain about the taxpayers of Aspen and Pitkin County not being allowed access to city streets, particularly the one that runs by his “little Victorian.” Perhaps Mr. Beaton should have it pointed out to him that he purchased the “little Victorian” and not the street it sits on.

I, personally, am not too crazy about bicyclists riding two, three and four abreast on Woody Creek Road, nor do I like the dirt bikes that go flying up and down the road at 70 miles an hour. I do, however, understand that my not liking something doesn’t make it wrong, and as long as the bicyclists obey the law and pull into line when a vehicle is approaching, and the dirt bikes obey the speed limit, they have every right to be where they are and do what they are doing.

There’s no shortage of examples of gated neighborhoods in this neck of the woods, so maybe Mr. Beaton and his neighbors should look into buying the streets they live on from the city, put up a big old gate, and pay to have the streets maintained themselves. This would relieve them of the pain of having to see the “little people” traveling to and fro. At least until the revolution comes … then they’ll see a lot of us.

Of all the things the City Council has done, and will undoubtedly continue to do, to suck up to NIMBYs, this is one of the most egregious and unforgivable.

Michael Cleverly

Woody Creek

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