Catch us if you can |

Catch us if you can

Dear Editor:

Speaking on behalf of people who won’t speak, this letter is to tell you that we are not telling anyone anything anytime soon. We are one of Aspen’s oldest ski gangs (circa 1969) and so exclusive that nobody outside of the gang even knows our name. We believe that what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain; namely tracks, which should do all of the talking necessary.

We hope all the “gangs” that show up to spill their guts tonight at 5:40 p.m. at the Mountain Chalet at the Aspen Historical Society sponsored event have a great time. As for us, we’ll be at home tuning our boards and doing some yoga to get ready for first lifties the next morning.

‘Nuf said. Don’t try to contact us.

Roger (if you must know, Marolt)

Snowmass Village

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