Castle Ridge helpers rock |

Castle Ridge helpers rock

Dear Editor:

On June 10, close to midnight, I was awakened by loud pounding on my door. My neighbors alerted me to a fire at Castle Ridge. I rushed out to find an absolutely devastating fire consuming the 100 building. With the help of the fire department and Aspen Police Department, we located each of the tenants. Thanks to Mark Skluzacek’s persistent door pounding, he awakened and warned the tenants.

The next week, I found that the spirit and generosity of Aspen’s residents absolutely amazed me. From the fire department and police department to the Red Cross ” who popped up instantly ” everyone mobilized to help our displaced tenants.

Many, many thanks to the housing authority. (Cindy Christensen was on the phone first thing next day; Tom McCabe shortly after.) They helped place two of our tenants and provided a list from which others found a place. One of our tenants, who was moving end of the month, left the next night, leaving his furniture behind for a fire victim.

Nan Sundeen, from human services, came to our office to offer help. The Thrift Shop opened their doors and their hearts to the victims. The fire department collected furniture, and Alpine Bank created an account to take donations.

More thanks to the Music Festival, who put together a benefit in record time and had an incredible response from artists. Thanks to the bartenders and all the others who helped staff the event, which has now raised $18,000.

The list goes on and on ” a remarkable testament to a community who comes together to help their own.

Thank you, Aspen! You rock!

Maxine Jacobs

resident manager, Castle Ridge