Casino Royale

May Selby
Jim and Paula Crown look forward to the Skico employee recognition party each year.

The Skico’s ninth annual employee recognition party was held at Bumps on Wednesday, March 21. Each year the theme varies – past parties have been set in the Wild West, Hollywood and the land of leprechauns. This time round, it was a James Bond Casino Royale party with nearly 250 guests. Employees who have completed their 20th, 25th and 30th years with the company are invited to the annual affair.

Those who are upwards of 30 years with the company are given an open invitation for each year thereafter.”Getting invited to this party has been the main goal of my career,” joked Pat Hunter who attended his first event after 20 years with the company.

Upon arrival at Buttermilk’s base lodge, guests were provided with their choice of accessories including bowties, flashy rings and shiny beads. Many of the men were already sportily dressed in tuxes while quite a few ladies ran with the theme, donning their favorite Bond girl’s get up.

Skico’s human resources department is responsible for pretty much everything to do with preparing for and orchestrating the highly anticipated party. They choose the theme, iron out the details, search the database for eligible guests and host the event.Henrietta Oliver and Barry Bromka’s staff at Bumps served appetizers, drinks and dinner. Skico owner Jim Crown, CEO Mike Kaplan and Senior VP David Perry shared the role of announcer once the honors were underway.

They acknowledged 158 employees who cumulatively represent 5,135 years of service with the company. Notables among them are Jesse Caparrella and Jim Fox, with 51 and 53 years on the clock, respectively.

Those at the 20-year mark were given a Windstopper fleece jacket, those who finished 25 years with Skico received a Swiss Army watch of their choice and those at the 30-year point were handed a $500 gift certificate to any of Skico’s stores.To contact May to send info, insights or invites, e-mail


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