Cash over care |

Cash over care

Dear Editor:

When did getting paid become more important than treating patients? I don’t know if this is an Aspen phenomenon or nationwide but since I have lived in Aspen the past year, I have experienced numerous instances of doctors having more concern over payment than patients. I know it is expensive here and the population is small but what happened to the Hippocratic oath? Or is it now the hypocratic oath?

I recently went to the doctor for an appointment and was informed I had an outstanding balance of which I had no previous knowledge. When I said I would look into it, they refused to treat me. I was told to call the office manager to discuss it, and when I did she said I was being sent a letter not to return and my claim was being sent to collections. I never even said I wouldn’t pay it. And don’t bother trying to speak to your doctor … you know, the one from whom you purchase the services, because they won’t speak to you about these issues.

People visit Aspen and think this is a small-town utopia, but the reality is there is a lot of hostility here, particularly in this economic environment. I miss the big-city doctors of New York City who put patient care first. The small-town doctor is a myth.

Renee Grossman


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