Cash is king |

Cash is king

Buddy Ortega wrote a letter (Jan. 28 Daily News) which was critical of Gay Ski Week and has subsequently incurred the wrath of local gay power. There has been plenty of saber rattling from that quarter with the usual emphasis on demonization and the playing of the bigot card.

Since he has been double-teamed, I now enter the fray in order to even up the ante. They might as well cut and run, as was the case during the “Buggerfest” imbroglio during the summer of 1997.

The gay power zealots are overwhelmed with their own piety and will brook no outside criticism whatsoever.

There is a mistaken viewpoint around here that the Gay Ski Week crowd is warmly embraced and welcomed here solely on their own merits. I consider this a total myth only to be believed by a brain-damaged cretin.

The true adulation from our merchants and service personnel is not directed at these gay visitors, but rather their money. Like ole Don Trump said: “Cash is king.”

Ortega’s letter was straightforward and quite sensible. The rejoinders by Harris and Chaplin/Trevor were basically hot air. Speak more softly on your telephone, gay power!

Pete Luhn


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