Cartoon was humble eulogy |

Cartoon was humble eulogy

(This letter was originally addressed to Times columnist Paul Andersen.)

Rich Kerr was my friend. We had many mutual friends. Of them, some have thanked me for the tribute to Rich. Why? Because they knew him and they know me. You do not know me.

Unlike your article, I’ll spare you details of my 20-plus year local background. Suffice it to say I’ve been on a few probe lines, too.

I did not “lionize” i.e. glorify, deify, glamorize or aggrandize Rich. Regardless of your mischaracterization, the drawing remains a simple tribute to a friend. A small gesture, a humble eulogy even. For you to see a Mountain Dew mentality in it speaks volumes about you.

Perhaps you could accept the “absurd … cartoon” for the unambiguous fond farewell it was instead of projecting your own bias onto my drawing and onto all those backcountry turns you condemn.

Steven R. Williams

Editorial cartoonist

Aspen Daily News