Carpet bomb Snowmass Village |

Carpet bomb Snowmass Village

My first view of Snowmass Village included the occasional deer startled by the survey crew on which I was serving as a lowly chainman. That was in 1966. Before Sgt. Pepper. And before Lowie Rhenquist and her friend pulled up stakes and left Shangri-La to Fritz Benefactor and the soon-to-be teeming hordes.

My first reaction to Bill Janss’ plan was, “You mean you’re going to build a village of condominiums on a north-facing slope in the dark?!” And I wasn’t alone; plenty of others shared my incredulity. (Years later Bill Janss was said to have remarked, “Nobody should be allowed to do what I did to that valley.”)

The new village, most agreed, should be built no higher up the hill than Anderson Ranch and then extend out to the east where the Snowmass Club is now. Instead, what got built was a non-place at the base of a good ski mountain. There’s no there there. It started out mediocre and then tapered off. And now come the defenders of … of what?

A good friend years ago suggested that Snowmass be designated a suitable target for cosmetic bombing by the U.S. Air Force. But that was back during the Nixon-Kissinger years and before smart bombs. Today we are talking “Shock and Awe.”

Frankly, I think this is a perfect case for good, old-fashioned carpet bombing. That way we could sweep away with one straight, clean run, not only all the old mediocre buildings and the stupid mall, but also all the new defenders of all that old still-born mess.

There! I just had to get it off my chest. Bah! Humbug! (Herbie Balderson would have loved this!)

Jim Breasted



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