Caring people in Aspen |

Caring people in Aspen

Dear Editor:I am writing to you today to tell you about a young woman who did something so wonderful on Jan. 17, in front of the Hyatt Vacation Ownership sales office.My husband Gary and our son Cooper, four years old, were outside sitting on a bench … when suddenly Dad passed out on the ground! Cooper has had training, from his swim coach Judi on Maui, on what to do in an emergency. He stayed calm and grabbed a gal walking by and told her to call 911 and that he lived at the Aspen Alps.Michelle stayed with Cooper until the paramedics arrived. Then our spectacular manager (and special friend) at the Aspen Alps, Pat Cunningham, came with a couple of her bellmen to help. I don’t know anything about this fantastic person, Michelle, only that she is Australian. Michelle, if you are still in town, please call Pam or Ann at the Aspen Alps, 925-7820, and give them your address and telephone number. Thank you for taking the time to help!Such fabulous and caring people live in Aspen! Dad is fully recovered and doing great!Toni ThomsonMaui, Hawaii

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