Caring community rallies for lost dog

Dear Editor:

This is a letter of gratitude to all of those who helped me in the search for Blue Z. Erickson on Monday. He was incredibly scared, and he’s not so good at coming to unfamiliar people.

Whoever called the police when they saw him squeeze out my car window, thank you so much – without you, we wouldn’t have known where to start. (I still want to know how his huge Anatolian body made it through!)

Thanks to Officer Bobby and the other officer who so graciously tracked him and drove me around the west end of town, from the power plant to the golf course and back to Aspen Meadows. I appreciate your time and kindness and also Brittany at dispatch fielding calls and giving locations. Thank you.

To Emily, Anna and all the other folks who took time out of their day and walked and drove the streets and tried to lure him with treats and make friends, your genuine concern and love is heartfelt. To all of you who slowed in rush-hour traffic while a big white dog wandered around the S-curves searching for my whistle, thank you for your patience.

And to the amazing mom and her kids who pointed me to our reconnection – you were unbelievably sweet; thank you. What a beautiful community, I feel blessed, and am so glad he is safe.

Megan Wussow

Glenwood Springs