Careful what you wish for |

Careful what you wish for

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to an article by Glenwood Springs correspondent Bobby Magill that I read in both the Post Independent and The Aspen Times about referendums C and D. I think that Mr. Magill’s article was very well-written and included arguments from both supporting and opposing sides of the issue, the mark of fair journalism to be sure. I must say, however, that I found the comments of Barry Maggert to be extremely offensive and personally troubling. In the article, Mr. Maggert refers to the nonprofit organizations Mountain Valley Developmental Services, Colorado West Counseling Services and YouthZone as “the least important thing for the government to fund,” and he says “they’re going to get cut – maybe that’s for the best. People shouldn’t have to fund them through their tax dollars.”Mountain Valley provides medical assistance to developmentally disabled people in our region. Colorado West offers outpatient mental health care to people across the Western Slope, and YouthZone provides classes and counseling for juvenile offenders, giving troubled teens an alternative to federal and state prisons. For Mr. Maggert to make a qualitative judgment about the importance of these programs to the people who need them is irresponsible and unkind.Maggert goes on to say that “people should pay for what they use. People shouldn’t have to be coerced through tax dollars to pay for things they don’t want to pay for.” This statement makes me wonder, has Mr. Maggert never taken a RFTA bus to or from Carbondale? Has he never driven on our valley’s roads, used a public restroom or enjoyed an afternoon of fresh air in some open space? How are we to determine, Mr. Maggert, which taxpayer provided services each of us use or do not use on a daily basis?Perhaps Mr. Maggert has had the good fortune never to have required help from nonprofit services like those offered by the organizations listed above. Some of us have not been so lucky, and I feel extremely grateful to have had support from programs, like the ones available in our valley, when I needed them. I don’t know how much Barry Maggert expects to receive from his TABOR refund, nor do I know what he will use it to pay for, but I do think his attitude is a selfish one. Mr. Maggert: Be careful what you wish for.Susannah M. CyrusAspen

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