CARE power trippers |

CARE power trippers

Dear Editor:When CARE first opened, I went to check out the facilities after a month or so. I was greeted not warmly at all, but instead with hostility, coldness and snobbery! As a potential donor, I was appalled. What Is going on here, I wondered?Then, as one bad incident after another occurred, I began to see the pattern. These people could care less. They are power trippers – masquerading as do-gooders. I think that Is very easy to see. Now I understand why they shipped Buster off. (Obviously to shift attention from them).This latest crap is a prime example. They didn’t care about Buster. They just wanted to be control freaks.A few months ago, I found a lost dog on my daily walk. The animal control was in Silt and told me to drop him off at CARE. Same reaction from them as at my last visit. I left the dog reluctantly, in tears.Something is very wrong there. I will never give them any money, nor will I ever bring an animal there! I will be in touch with the dozen or so animal rights groups that I belong to about this facility.Valerie HarrimanCarbondale

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