CARE is not no-kill |

CARE is not no-kill

Dear Editor:I find it quite annoying and misleading that Colorado Animal REscue continues to tout itself as a “no-kill facility.” As much as the staff of CARE would like you to believe this to be fact, especially when soliciting funds, it simply is not the case. Note the Glenwood Springs Post Independent’s Oct. 27 article in which CARE board member Nancy Genova states, “I promised her we would do everything possible not to euthanize the dog.” Further, note Leslie Rockey’s e-mail to Sue Schmidt in which she states, “We will choose euthanasia when an animal has negative behaviors… .” It is a shame and an injustice that there is even a discussion taking place about euthanizing pets that survived Hurricane Katrina. The dogs obviously would have been better off not being “rescued” by CARE. I, along with Bland Nesbit, Melinda Goldrich and Jan Panico, traveled to Louisiana in the week following Hurricane Katrina and worked in the Humane Society’s shelter, caring for these animals for a week. We brought back 18 dogs, some of which were extremely traumatized by what they had been through. I am happy to say that all of these dogs are now well-adjusted, and all but one are in loving foster homes with foster “parents” that want to adopt them. Leslie Rockey’s unwillingness to relinquish Buster and others to a true no-kill animal care facility is pure stubbornness on her part, as was her decision not to let some of the animals that tested positive for heartworms begin immediate treatment – offered at no cost to CARE, I might add. By Leslie’s own admission, Buster biting her was due in large part to mistakes she made while handling the dog. As a “certified veterinary technician,” she should have known better and exercised caution in handling a drugged dog that did not know her.These animals deserve to live. Leslie, accept responsibility for the mistakes you made and relinquish these Katrina pets to a true no-kill facility.Anne GurchickAspen

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