CARE director should resign |

CARE director should resign

Dear Editor:Sue Schmidt, a former CARE board member, used her own money to travel to Louisiana to rescue dogs that were left homeless and starving by Hurricane Katrina. Sue brought back 10 dogs to Colorado in the hopes they would be adopted. After receiving the go-ahead from Leslie Rockey, executive director of CARE, for all 10, she moved forward with transportation plans. The plan was to house them in temporary quarters away from CARE and move them quickly to foster homes as Leslie said her space at CARE was limited. Five were brought to CARE shortly after arriving, and the others were in temporary quarters. Sue’s group found foster homes for several dogs and was looking for others at the time when Buster’s incident occurred. Rockey, a veterinarian technician, went to Schmidt’s home to take a blood draw on Buster in order to obtain a heartworm check. After being sedated, she attempting to look at Buster’s teeth and was bitten. Rockey immediately deemed the dog aggressive and a candidate for euthanasia. Buster should be given the benefit of the doubt. These animals have suffered horribly and need time to adjust. They are insecure and most likely distrustful and still traumatized from their horrendous experiences. Who in their right mind would approach an unfamiliar dog to look inside his mouth? Of course the dog bit her!Sue Schmidt, a dog trainer, couldn’t believe what Rockey had done. According to Schmidt, Rockey admitted that she had done something stupid. Sue was also upset, feeling that the event had put the dog’s life in jeopardy.Buster has been in quarantine since Oct. 26 and may be euthanized based on CARE’s bite policy history unless another shelter assumes responsibility for him. Sue Schmidt has enlisted the help of Weld County Humane Society, which has stated it is willing to take responsibility for Buster and four other dogs. In addition, CARE has said no to treatment by another veterinarian of one of two dogs, Ira, diagnosed with heartworm disease on Oct. 13. A local veterinarian called CARE to say he would treat the infected animals, and CARE said no!I hope as of this writing Buster has a future. I hope that Ira and Bear, the other dogs diagnosed with heartworm on Oct. 13, have begun treatment. I hope further that Weld County Humane Society, which has been housing other Katrina dogs and not euthanized them, will have gained permission to take the dogs.I am calling for the resignation of CARE Executive Director Leslie Rockey. Because of her own careless and inappropriate behavior, a dog who survived Katrina may have to be euthanized by CARE. I am tired of CARE calling themselves a no-kill facility! What is going on here? Why haven’t sick dogs been treated yet? I hope this news is disturbing to animal lovers and supporters of CARE. It certainly is to me. We need to make CARE and Leslie Rockey accountable.Amy KrakowCarbondale

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