Care about the county? Back Jack

Dear Editor:If you care about Pitkin County and preserving whatever we have left of this place we call home, please vote for Jack Johnson for Pitkin County commissioner.I have been a county planning and zoning commissioner on and off again for around 15 years, and I can say that I trust Jack to continue the work we’ve done through the Pitkin County comprehensive plans, and now the update of the Aspen Area Community Plan. As someone who has worked with Jack on the county P&Z, I can assure you that he has the best interests of the entire community in mind. Jack is also the only candidate with experience on the county P&Z, which deals with largely rural issues and a complex land-use code.We need someone like Jack who will respect community planning and won’t compromise county values for a fast buck in a down economy. We need someone honest and true to community ideals who will act in furtherance of the public interest and won’t kowtow to special interests. That person is Jack Johnson.Thank you for voting!Marcella LarsenPitkin County