Carbondale, the future is now |

Carbondale, the future is now

Dear Editor:

Mankind create their own battles. People have a tendency too take much for granted. It is only when privileges and programs are taken away that people wake up.

Carbondale citizens need to get on board with their future. We are in a global recession, borderline depression. All towns are financially challenged. Carbondale is not only about businesses, it is about jobs as well. Without financial backing through jobs and generated funds, you can’t support a town. The town staff, police, water and waste, recycables, trash, road and snow are all supported by some of the general funds generated through sales tax.

I do not understand the fear being expressed by others regarding development. Most of you were new development for me when you first came to Carbondale, as my family was in 1962.

I have witnessed a lot of growth in the 50 years that I’ve lived here. Your side-streets were dirt. Only a small section of your Main Street had asphalt and it was falling apart. Wow, look at Carbondale now! Great schools, streets, sidewalks, programs, etc., are all due to past generations and tax dollars.

If you all want to raise orchards and organic gardens, so be it as long as you generate sales tax. You should treat Highway 133 as the red carpet to Carbondale. Without 133 you can’t get to Carbondale unless you go up to Catherine Store. I encourage all of you to invest in Highway 133 and the Village for your future.

If Carbondale is as genuine as I know it to be, it will not fade away. Some of my fondest memories are when my younger brother Henry and I rode our bikes to town to Kenny’s drugstore on Main Street to sit at the soda fountain and read comics, then later walk down the last stretch of board walk to Foley’s grocery store. Carbondale is already robust and yes, sometimes a bit funky. I like that. I give you all the credit for being focused on the good for Carbondale and its future.

Please vote yes on Highway 133 and the Village, Carbondale’s future.

Tamar Mattorano


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