Carbondale should support FilmFest |

Carbondale should support FilmFest

Dear Editor:

I first want to commend The Aspen Times for their support of the 33rd Aspen FilmFest! Kudos.

I wonder what it will take in Carbondale for the business community and the town to wake up and smell the roses? Here this event is in not one but two venues in Carbondale, and there is not a sponsorship by the town or the Chamber of Commerce! A sad commentary on people coming to town to watch a movie, have dinner, an apres libation and just collect the taxes.

Wake up, Carbondale. This could be in El Jebel and not “darken” our fair little town. Shame on you!

Support the FilmFest! You are reaping tax and other benefits! Notwithstanding the support of KDNK, this rose may not bloom here again.

Leary O’Gorman


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