Carbondale refines RV occupancy rules |

Carbondale refines RV occupancy rules

John Stroud
Glenwood Springs correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE – One temporary housing option just became less of an option in this town.

Carbondale trustees on Tuesday revised the town’s ordinance related to the length of time a person can reside in a recreational vehicle within town limits.

Previously, persons could occupy an RV as temporary living quarters for 14 consecutive days.

Under the revised ordinance, a person cannot occupy an RV for more than 14 days total in a calendar year.

“It isn’t widespread, but we do get complaints from citizens about people living in RVs for lengthy periods of time,” Carbondale Town Manager Tom Baker said. “The problem is it was hard to enforce the way we had it.”

As it was, someone could skip a day or two living in an RV and start the 14-day clock all over again every few days, and still remain within the law.

By limiting the period of time to 14 days in a year’s time, the intent of the ordinance should be more easily enforceable, he said.

“It was just an effort to clean up those kinds of enforcement issues,” he said.

Except for temporary circumstances, it remains illegal in Carbondale to occupy a recreational vehicle as a permanent dwelling unit, accessory building to a main residence, or for use in a home occupation.

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