Carbondale limits on-street parking to three days |

Carbondale limits on-street parking to three days

John Stroud
Glenwood Springs correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE – Town trustees have changed the length of time a vehicle may be parked on a public street before it can be towed.

However, enforcement of the new three-day parking limit in Carbondale will be mostly complaint-driven.

Currently, drivers are allowed to leave a vehicle parked on a public street for up to 14 consecutive days.

“Over the past year, staff has received complaints about the length of time a vehicle can remain parked on a public street,” Carbondale Town Manager Tom Baker and Police Chief Gene Schilling noted in a May 11 memo to trustees.

“In some areas of town it appears that vehicle owners use the public right of way to park vehicles that are not used frequently. …

“As the town becomes more populated and dense, and as developments are approved with reduced parking standards, then the public streets will become a de facto parking area for the household’s second vehicle.”

Schilling said he checked with other nearby by municipalities, including Glenwood Springs and Basalt, and found that the most common parking limit is 72 hours, or three days.

The advantage of reducing the time allowed for on-street parking is it would cut down on the long-term storage of vehicles on public property. But it would also increase the workload for police to proactively enforce the new rule, Baker and Schilling also suggested.

For that reason, they recommended that the police department only respond to violations on a complaint basis.

Some neighborhoods already have a prohibition on overnight parking, which would remain in those areas.