Carbondale event Light the Night with Love unites community members, local artists |

Carbondale event Light the Night with Love unites community members, local artists

Valentine’s Day fundraiser in Carbondale supplies interactive art experience for attendees and support for the American Heart Association

A farolito designed for the Light the Night with Love event this weekend in Carbondale.

This Valentine’s Day weekend, Carbondale Arts is teaming up with over 20 different artists to provide an interactive experience for community members that doubles as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

Light the Night with Love will feature a multitude of sights and performances, Carbondale Arts Executive Director Amy Kimberly said. Kimberly, who is in her 10th year in the leadership position, said the artistic elements will await walkers as they follow the Rio Grande Trail from Derail Park to the Latino Folk Art Garden.

“As you walk along, it’s a lot of delight, curiosity, awe…you either bring your heart glasses if you have already gotten to them or we’ll give them to you there, so whenever you look at any lights or fire or the moon, anything with light, a heart will be around it,” Kimberly said.

The event is sold out, but those who were able to snag tickets signed up for time slots. Kimberly said the plan is to space out groups 5 minutes apart from one another so they follow COVID-19 guidelines. There is snow in the forecast, but Kimberly said seeing the flakes falling will only add to the atmosphere of the event.

“We have some projections, really beautiful projections. Two are more on the artistic side and then we have 5Point Film Festival that will be showing the project they just did with Voices and Bridges High School students,” Kimberly said.

There will also be live performances during the walk. Choreographers from the Dance Initiative, Lilly Bright and Alyson Boell-Marchand, will be dancing within a group in intervals. They prepared a modern dance performance that focuses on the heart and the multiple ways we relate to it.

“We will explore the theme of the relationship to our own heart, our relational heart, you know the heart that is in relationship with others, and the universal heart, Bright said “What it is to connect collectively…The heart is a body organ, but it’s also a source of great power and energy. It’s quite the paradox really, a seed of joy and pain, expansion and contraction.”

Boell-Marchand said that while the movement is choreographed into phrases, the dancers are able to perform with their own interpretation on it. They will play around with the movement and expressions in a collaborative way for the audience to observe. She is a newer member of the Dance Initiative and said she is grateful to be able to take part in Light the Night with Love, especially after the isolated lifestyle that accompanied the pandemic.

“Carbondale is so rich in creativity and to have an opportunity to come out and not only watch but also kind of participate in the outdoor space would be uniting, a sense of uniting the community together again, especially when we’ve all been boxed up in our houses for so long,” Boell-Marchand said.

There will also be performances from The Claim Jumpers, a jump rope team from Denver, the Bonedale Flashmob from Carbondale and a drum circle. Multiple art installations will line the path including different light designs, two fire sculptures, one that says “love” and the other that is in the shape of a heart, ice lanterns, and farolitos that attendees decorated with personalized designs ahead of time.

Kimberly said there will be over 20 volunteers helping to coordinate the event each night, and it was encouraging to see community members step up to help out with this event.

“It’s really been a team effort to put this on…it’s just been a long time since we’ve been able to do something with so many volunteers. It’s really exciting to see people…wanting to be outside, and wanting to see people, and wanting to enjoy something really fun and beautiful and uplifting…I think for us the real value is bringing community together in a meaningful way as we just navigate these final few months of winter.”



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