Capricorn |


Capricorn – Your work is triggering excitement and lots of talk of possibilities, and is also triggering passion and even rage at old deep hurts and wrongs. All this has you opening more spiritually and psychically. You begin a month of much talk at home and with family. You will want to get everything settled and solid at home. More comfortable as well. (AND do remember to visit for more Daily Astrology, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper, the paper of record for Aspen, Colorado.)

General Comment for all astrology signs for the week: We are all going trough a year-long period of expansion in different areas of our lives depending on our astrology sign (i.e. Sun sign) through healing whatever deep issues are still there to be completed and cleared. This week that includes to be grounding the good fortune that is available now. It also includes opening up to deep levels of love, romance and beauty.