Capricorn – |

Capricorn –

You need to take apart your beliefs, ideas and attitudes to life, the universe and everything. Your very life philosophy is critical and pessimistic, as a reflection of your self-image and self-loathing from the wounds you have carried. Now choose to believe in a better life and that you are worth more and you just may be greatly surprised.

General Comment for all astrology signs for the week: This week will bring much focus on that which is ill, weak and needs improvement or healing. We will all be seeing our own faults and those of others in order to reduce and master them. This will include having much idealism but also the need to make real and practical lasting changes. Finally, there is much anger at how it has been that will motivate us to change. (Visit Tomas’s website at for personal Daily Astrology.) © 2004 Tomas Gregory