Can’t let Snowmass regress |

Can’t let Snowmass regress

The people who envision the future of Snowmass as a small base village at its center (like half of what was originally proposed by the developer partnership) may love Snowmass, but they must have a small vision of its future.

They want all the goodies included in the infrastructure which needs to be built up front, but not the density of buildings required to serve the larger population needed to support such a huge and risky investment. Some, without being encumbered by the economic facts of a very complicated business plan, even volunteer the profit-and-loss calculation for the partnership. That takes more than a little arrogance and a lot of negative thinking.

Destination resorts are vulnerable to a fickle public which ” unlike some of us old-timers here ” thrives on renewal, innovation and excitement. They read about new ways to spend a vacation, new destinations, new horizons. It we stand still, we regress in relation to our competition. Our customers and our jobs will decline, and the stated mission of Snowmass becoming a world-class resort will become ever less attainable.

If the partnership is shown the door, it may cut its losses, and we will face consequences more lasting than theirs. In a creative business, while money is key, so is the enthusiasm for the joy of creation, which both parties have amply demonstrated, here and elsewhere.

The quality of the operation of this ski mountain, and the attitude of those who manage and operate it, is of great importance to its customers; let’s keep it high. Let’s embrace a solution which will ensure the future of Snowmass Village for the next phase of its life!

Curt R. Strand

Snowmass Village