Can’t have it both ways |

Can’t have it both ways

Dear Editor:

If I didn’t care, I’d find it amusing that Mick Ireland doesn’t want condos and penthouses built in town as they might have a tendency to be vacant much of the year. He wants “hot beds” with turnover.

Talk about hypocrisy! What was he thinking when he torpedoed The Lodge at Aspen Mountain? It would have provided “hot beds” in a section of town that is underutilized, plus we would have had a new high-speed quad to access the western side of Ajax. After extensive input over many months, the meetings of which Mick attended, he cast the deciding vote to kill this potentially magnificent addition to our tourist attractions.

I am not intimidated by the potential loss of employee housing for myself nor the fear of losing my job for writing something negative about our mayor.

David Grimes

Greensboro, N.C., and Aspen

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