Can’t have it both ways |

Can’t have it both ways

Dear Editor:

A few questions for the supporters of Hidden Gems, nay, the group who feels they deserve more than the rest of us.

Why do you feel that only people are allowed in the wilderness? If you truly are for wilderness preservation, why not ban people as well? What makes you, the people who only want to walk in the woods, have the right to make it so only you can enjoy the wilderness?

There is no law, rule, policy or proverb that says you deserve more of a right to enjoy the wilderness than anyone else. So again, HG supporters, if you truly want to preserve the wild lands, why not make it so you can’t visit either? Or are you just that vain and arrogant that you must have it just to yourselves?

Even the lightest step leaves a footprint.

Chris Everding

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