Can’t afford four more years |

Can’t afford four more years

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:I have just finished revisiting President Bush’s inauguration speech and his State of the Union addresses. After four years with a partisan House and Senate, I have come to the following conclusion: I personally cannot afford four more years of this administration.What prompted this investigation was my latest health-insurance premium. While my wife and I have no children, and have filed no claims, our insurance has risen from $1,100 per quarter to more than $2,300 per quarter. That’s more than 100 percent, for the math impaired. Our income has not kept pace. Medicare premiums have risen yet the government cannot negotiate drug prices. Gas and heating prices are up with no investment as promised for alternative energy.Many of our friends are teachers, as well as my sister and three sisters-in-law. They claim that “no child left behind” is a failed program that has actually hindered their ability to really teach.No one I have spoken to actually feels safer and more secure. Most feel an uneasiness they cannot explain. Our reputation around the world is at its lowest point in history. While the tragic events of Sept. 11 afforded our president the opportunity to coalesce most of the world toward a common goal of fighting and defeating terrorism, he sadly squandered the opportunity.I ask all of you to really examine the last four years and determine if we truly can afford four more years of broken promises and hollow rhetoric.Craig S. ChisesiRifle

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