Candidates report spending |

Candidates report spending

Eben Harrell

The candidates running in November’s election for Pitkin County commissioner submitted campaign finance reports Tuesday, and the filings indicate that the campaigns are just heating up.Most of the candidates still have sizable reserves to spend on their campaign. Cheryl Koehne, Tom McBrayer and Dorothea Farris have more than $1,000 on hand and Jack Hatfield is not far behind with $650.The exception is Shellie Roy who has less than $50 in her campaign coffer. Her opponent, Michael Owsley, either had not filed his report or the county had not processed it yesterday.In county District 5, the incumbent Farris raised $850 during the reporting period Sept. 15 through Oct. 7, bringing her total contributions to $2,850. Her largest contributor was Camilla Auger of Aspen, who gave Farris’ campaign the maximum amount of $500. Farris spent $1,406 during the reporting period.McBrayer, Farris’ challenger, raised $1,200, bringing his fund-raising efforts to $2,810. He spent only $87 during the reporting period. Of all the candidates, McBrayer has had the most contributors with 14; Farris had four.In District 4, the incumbent Hatfield raised $2,700 during the reporting period, the only funds solicited by him during his campaign. He contributed $2,000 of own money and has spent $2,046.Hatfield’s largest contribution was $250 from Ray and Susan Oppel of Addison, Texas. None of Hatfield’s five contributors listed Snowmass Village as their address, the location of Hatfield’s district, but two listed Aspen and two listed downvalley.Koehne, Hatfield’s challenger, raised $120 in the reporting period, bringing her total to $1,778. She spent $617. Her largest contributor was Johnny Harano of Aspen, who gave her $50.District 3 incumbent Roy raised $2,300, though $1,000 of that sum was her own money. She received $500 from Chuck Frias of Aspen and $250 each from Bill Lederer of Snowmass and Kevin Schulman of Arlington, Va.Eben Harrell’s e-mail address is