Candidate Child, in his own words |

Candidate Child, in his own words

Dear Editor:

I am the candidate who is ready to hit the ground running after the election. I have been criticized by the press for not being out hitting the pavement for the past four months, but I have had a real life to lead, with land and cattle to care for, filling in some shifts as a team player on the Snowmass Village shuttle, responsibilities from three different advisory committees to fulfill and helping my elderly mother-in-law transition to the next phase of her life while living at Molly’s and my home.

In my “spare” time, in addition to some visits to the local farmers markets, I have been to dozens of meetings and events sponsored by a wide variety of groups and committees dealing with a range of issues which our county is facing. My opponent, John Young, has been present at only a few of those gatherings that I attended, and that maybe explains why he appears to be a one- or two-issue candidate.

Some of the highlights of my summer include being a victim at the airport disaster drill, taking part in a health-priority-needs assessment sponsored by Health and Human Services, attending local caucus meetings in Thomasville, Redstone and Snowmass/Capitol creeks, volunteering at the Carbondale Mountain Fair, Deaf Camp and three different road and river cleanups and attending the State of the Valley symposium and AREDay weekend.

Many water and renewable-energy meetings were great learning experiences and a place to make vital connections to some of the movers and shakers in our valley. I participated in meetings sponsored by the Roaring Fork Conservancy, Roaring Fork Basin Water Roundtable, Friends of Rivers and Renewables, Healthy Rivers and Streams board, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Clean Energy Economy for the Region and the Colorado River Water Conservation District. How many people know there is a Senior Services Council or a Translator Advisory Board, much less attended their meetings?

There were events dealing with transportation and trails issues and then my trip to a family wedding and a visit to the new Santa Barbara Airport terminal to compare what size and kind of terminal we might build here. Throw in a few meetings at the Board of County Commissioners and Aspen City Council dealing with employee housing, the library and other issues, and you get a partial picture of the busy and productive summer I had.

Young stated to his followers that he would work harder than me. I doubt that he worked harder; he just did different things than me. I have a well-rounded view of many of the issues facing us and have practical and reasonable solutions and strategies to bring with me to the table. I am fully ready to work with the other four county commissioners, county staff people, other elected officials and government agencies and citizens and community leaders on the many advisory and nonprofit boards in the valley.

Global climate change continues to be the biggest threat to our way of life here, not the threat of natural-gas drilling in Pitkin County, which is only a part of the picture. My view toward

natural-gas drilling continues to parallel that of the current board of commissioners who have a reasoned and realistic approach to the issue.

Pitkin County needs a new county commissioner who has a balanced vision of which direction we need to go and is ready to work collaboratively with the many people who are working on long-term strategies to deal with the issues we face. Brush aside the rhetoric of my opponent, look at what each of us really stands for, and please choose to vote for me as your new Pitkin County commissioner.

Thank you for your support!

Steve Child

Old Snowmass

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