Can we overcome? |

Can we overcome?

Dear Editor:

Nice job the chimp did the last eight years, un-masking the realities of U.S. empire. Suppose a skeptic would say it’s up to Prez Obama to put the mask back on. We’ll see; the Military/Industrial Complex (MIC), zionist lobby and Wall Street didn’t vanish on Jan. 20.

One such reality is that brutal militarized occupations, be it in Iraq or Afghanistan, the West Bank and Gaza, lead to very pissed-off folks. The proponents of permanent war call these individuals and groups terrorists who must be eliminated by U.S. weaponry, at incidentally great profit. To said individuals, innocent women and children be damned.

Clearly, an empire and a republic can’t exist together. Our 21st century will show if “the people” can overcome elite-corporate control. Obama may be change or just an Illusion.

Also, Dumbya and Dallas deserve each other. And I hope that Mr. Bush (and Cheney) go to bed every night with the thought that there are no statute of limitations on war crimes.


Ben Newell


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