Can Aspen grid `take it’? |

Can Aspen grid `take it’?

The Aspen Times of Wednesday, Sept. 10, had an article on the new electric franchise that the city of Aspen and Holy Cross Energy will sign, providing the voters give it a stamp of approval in November.

The new franchise will allow the city to increase the number of units being served by the municipal utility to about 1,000, which should almost double usage on the electric grid, quite an increase without any explanation as to whether or not the infrastructure can “take it” comfortably.

If this past summer is any indication, the number of “black outs,” for no apparent reason, has already strained appliance motors and jeopardized refrigerated and/or frozen food, and I am referring to residences not to restaurants, which could suffer a great deal more.

If we are to vote on this new franchise, the city should come up with assurances that the resulting increase in electric usage will not over tax the existing utility and that explanation should be detailed and not depend on the word of some designated authority.

Maggie DeWolf