Calling on Teague to resign |

Calling on Teague to resign

Dear Editor:

Karen Teague should resign from any board of any and all special interest groups, especially Wilderness Workshop, while holding public office. This is a direct conflict of interest.

Did we not learn anything from the current situation of our country? I have some questions for Karen. If you’re so proud to be a member of the Hidden Gems camp, why didn’t you run on it? Why does the newspaper have to expose you for what you really are? Why not sign your letters as board of directors? What other personal agendas do you have? And, finally, oh never mind, we all know what your hidden agenda is now.

There is a reason all of your houses have been safe all these years – it’s called the Basalt fire department. I’m pretty sure I know what the Basalt fire department’s not-so-hidden agenda is. Probably something to do with protecting property and saving lives; $50,000 is a drop in the bucket when you consider the costs of a catastrophic wildfire.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous newly elected Town Council members on the job not more than a couple of months are questioning the motives of a veteran of more that 30 years on the fire department. Please call Karen and tell her to resign.

Joseph Hultquist