Calling a spade a spade |

Calling a spade a spade

Dear Editor:

Bravo to Marlene Stalker for her comment as quoted in Friday’s Aspen Daily News article about the investigations into a few local art galleries. “If you want to be like a T-shirt shop and make copies then advertise yourself as such; don’t advertise yourself as fine art.” I’ve been saying this repeatedly for the 18 years my gallery has been in existence here. To call something “fine art,” there must be objective criteria, otherwise it’s mere decoration.

I collect all the contemporary artists whose work I represent. I stand by the veracity of everything I sell and frequently resell works I’ve sold at a profit to the client. I also sell their work to museums. Can the owners of the galleries in question make that claim too? Somehow I doubt it.

Joel Soroka

Owner, Joel Soroka Gallery


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