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Call me anytime

Dear Editor:

In her most recent letter to the editor, Marilyn Marks wrote that newcomers to the city of Aspen will “be surprised to hear that the latest issue is whether it’s permissible to ask questions about our elections.”

Lest anyone believe that silence is an admission, let me answer this question as clearly as possible. Anyone, citizen or visitor, may ask any question regarding our election. Despite Ms. Marks’ assertions, the city of Aspen has always been open to review the last election. And I, for one, am always available to discuss any specific question concerning this election.

If you are concerned about Ms. Marks’ allegations or just have a question regarding the past IRV process, please feel free to call me. I would be happy to discuss them. My number is (970) 920-5108.

James R. True

special counsel, city of Aspen

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