California man pleads guilty to two charges in cocaine case |

California man pleads guilty to two charges in cocaine case

DENVER – A 71-year-old California man pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to participating in a cocaine ring stretching from Aspen to Los Angeles.

Alfonso Elvio-Allocati, one of 10 people indicted – including six from the Aspen area – by a Denver grand jury in April 2011 pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 5 kilograms of cocaine.

His sentencing is set for April 23 in Denver’s federal court. Court papers filed Monday indicate that he faces a prison sentence of 42 months and will forfeit $45,288 in cash.

Monday’s 12-page plea agreement states that Elvio-Allocati supplied alleged ringleader Wayne Alan Reid, of Aspen, with cocaine. Reid redistributed the cocaine in the Aspen area, the plea agreement says.

The plea agreement says Elvio-Allocati sold Reid cocaine on at least six occasions:

• Sept. 24, 2010 – The two met in Pasadena, Calif., where Elvio-Allocati sold Reid 2 kilograms of cocaine.

• Dec. 11, 2010 – Elvio-Allocati sold 1 kilogram to Reid in Las Vegas.

• Jan. 13, 2011 – The two met again in Las Vegas, where Reid bought 1 kilogram.

• Feb. 3, 2011 – Elvio-Allocati sold 1 kilogram to Reid in Primm, Nev.

• March 9, 2011 – In Pasadena, Elvio-Allocati sold 1 kilogram

to Reid.

• April 7, 2011 – Elvio-Allocati sold 1 kilogram to Reid outside of a casino in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the plea agreement states that Drug Enforcement Administration agents intercepted telephone calls between Elvio-Allocati and two other California defendants to arrange cocaine deliveries to Reid.

The April 7 transaction, witnessed by agents, led to Reid’s traffic stop on April 8 on Interstate 70 in Mesa County, where police found the kilogram he had just acquired, the plea agreement says.

The 65-year-old Reid, meanwhile, is due back in court Jan. 26 for a change-of-plea hearing. He will plead guilty to cocaine conspiracy charges, his attorney has said.

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