California Kobe is doomed |

California Kobe is doomed

I have followed, with some interest, Mr. Bryant’s misadventures in your “fair” state. I have also heard many voices say that Mr. Bryant cannot receive a fair trial in Colorado because he is African-American. Kobe Bryant will not receive a fair trial in Colorado. The reason will not be because of his descent, rather, it will be because of his current residence. That’s right, he won’t get a fair trial because he is from California. In fact, I would place his African-American ancestry at the bottom of the list, behind being from California and being a celebrity. All told, though, that’s three strikes against the man from the beginning. I know this is true from first-hand experience. I moved to Colorado in 1994 as part of a corporate relocation from San Francisco, Calif., settling in Longmont. While I lived there, I had neighbors turn me into the police for maintaining my California registrations on my cars. My wife, a nurse, had so much difficulty finding employment, being from California, that it took her almost a year to find a job. She also had to take a $15/hr. pay cut to get the job she finally gained. I lived in Longmont for two and a half years and was finally so desperate to get out, I took a job in Los Angeles. To this day, I still prefer it to anywhere in Colorado. There is one thing that Kobe Bryant can be thankful for. He can be thankful he is not Cheyenne or Arapahoe. If he was, I would expect the good settlers of Eagle County and the state of Colorado as a whole to dispense with the formality of a trial and merely slaughter Mr. Bryant, mutilate his body & string the body parts across the Denver Opera House like their ancestors did. Still, if I hear that the judge is named Chivington, or if I hear that members of the 3rd Colorado Regiment are hanging around, I may have cause to rethink even that. Then again, Alferd Packer was from Colorado wasn’t he? Serving his fellow man since 1869. Richard Scott Pasadena, Calif.

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