Cabin is tradition worth saving |

Cabin is tradition worth saving

(This letter was originally addressed to the Pitkin County commissioners.)Dear Editor:G.T.’s cabin (Aspen Times., Aug. 8) must be saved! It is a precious part of our community that cannot and should not disappear.My name is Boyd Billings. I live on Aspen Mountain and was working with Grant when he built the cabin. It has always been understood that it is free to use at any time as is reasonable and that any and all people are welcome. Ever since it has been there we have gathered there each week during the ski season with family and friends and anyone else who cared to show up. It has been and always should be a place of shelter for friends to join together in good times and bad.I can’t tell you just how many people have been to the cabin over the years, but it definitely numbers in the hundreds if not thousands. We have celebrated the births of our children there as well as sent off our dear departed loved ones to the great beyond. Many a good time has been enjoyed because of where the cabin is and what it stands for.Even though G.T. “owns” the cabin, he has always treated his involvement rather like a stewardship rather than a property holder. Let me tell you, more than one person has contributed their time, effort and money into making it what it is and keeping it that way, but no one more so than Grant and his family.It is an absolute travesty that the powers that be now deem it necessary for it to go away. It has become in our hearts a tradition and what one could say is almost an institution. To have it disappear would be a mighty blow to the vitality of our area and a serious loss of one of the last good things in many peoples’ lives. I beseech you to please find a compromise solution that will allow the Timroths to continue to keep the cabin the way it is as long as they see fit to do so. There has to be some sort of agreement that can be worked out. The disappointment caused by you not doing so will certainly cause a lot of heartache.P.B. BillingsAspen

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