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C and D spell better education

Dear Editor:On Sept. 12, the board of trustees of Colorado Mountain College unanimously passed a resolution endorsing and supporting Referendums C and D and urging electors to vote in favor of both measures.Referendum C asks the voters to allow the state to retain excess revenue that would otherwise be refunded under TABOR for the next five years, and would allow the state to spend the excess revenue on health care, K-12, higher education and other critical programs. Referendum C also specifies that excess revenues after the fifth year may be spent on debt service for capital construction in areas of critical state need, including higher education.Referendum D, which will be effective only if Referendum C passes, asks the voters for authority to issue bonds to finance capital construction in areas of critical state need, including K-12 and higher education.While the impact of the current budget shortfalls in Colorado on Colorado Mountain College is much less than on the largely state-funded “public” community colleges and four-year colleges, higher education in the state will deteriorate further over the next decade if C and D are not passed in this election. The projected further reductions in state funding will lead to possible closures and much higher tuition charges, making higher education less accessible for all Colorado residents.CMC thanks the voters in our district for having had the wisdom to support the mill levy on property taxes in our six-county district that provides the bulk of our funding! We now ask you to support increased funding of higher education statewide that the passage of C and D will provide.Doris DewtonColorado Mountain College board chairwomanEdwards

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