Buzzing along |

Buzzing along

Nate Peterson

Everyone is the age of their heart. – Author unknownThe other day I went skiing with an old family friend at Snowmass. I say old not on account of his age but because I’ve known Buzz for nearly half of my 25 years.But get this: at 75 years old, Buzz skis more than 35 times a season. And he skis like he’s 35, not 75.After a full morning of blasting down cruisers together on the Big Burn, my legs were tired. This, of course, had Buzz smiling, especially since it was his third day in a row and I hadn’t gone snowboarding the previous day.Before retiring, Buzz mentioned to me that he skied only a handful of times each season, and that skiing that little “never made me any better.”But he hasn’t had to worry about that since he bought a condo in Frisco and became an ambassador at Copper.He’s gotten so good on his alpine skis that he recently decided to take up telemarking, just to try something new. He also mentioned that one of the reasons he likes to ski with me (this was our fourth day together in two seasons) was because he didn’t have to wait up for anybody.”I’m usually the one in the front having to stop for everybody to catch up,” he said.Amazing.The love for the outdoors doesn’t stop with the skiing, either. Buzz loves to hike mountains in the summer, though he said he’s stopped climbing fourteeners. He also goes rollerblading whenever he can.”I’ve always had a mountain fix, so I have to do stuff to satisfy it,” he said smiling.I only hope I’m doing the same 50 years from now.