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Buzz killers

Dear Editor:

2010 marks a return of one great gathering of nations called the World Cup. I am beyond excited to watch countries from all over the world get together and in the name of competition settle their differences.

I turn on my TV and there is a rumble that instantaneously makes my girlfriend want to put her head in a pillow, and after a few moments makes me want to run for the mute button. It is a white noise that reminds me of a bumblebee, maybe one the size of King Kong because it is reaching 180 decibels.

I don’t want to sound culturally insensitive because, as a host country, it is important to show others how you “do things.” But I must admit that this is making the World Cup almost unwatchable. It would be one thing if these horns had different pitches, but the only thing they do is scream the same monotone note, over and over, with how much air you choose to breathe into the horn dictating how upset the person next to you might get.

Please South Africa, I long for the days of the oooooooohhhhhhhhs and the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhs. Get rid of these horns and let’s all share the spirit of the World Cup in a much more pleasant way.

Shad Waldron

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