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Buy within our borders

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to all Americans who bought American-made vehicles recently.

You have helped to create a few thousand new jobs and have prevented the usual summer-time layoffs of a few thousand persons. You have helped our economy. The stock market went up close to 200 points right after the good news about General Motors’ robust sales and that translated into the good news for all our retirement (401K) plans. The stock market dropped the following days and continued downwards over the dismal report about the lower number of jobs being created nationwide.

Hello, out there! What does this mean? Our economy is consumer-driven. Our government can only create limited numbers of jobs. It is up to us as consumers to buy American-made products to create jobs for our American people. Can you imagine if 350 million of us buy exclusively American-made stuff? Think how many jobs would be created for us Americans. Think how that would get us out of this depressive recession!

To the people who continue to buy foreign products, especially big-ticket items like vehicles: Please do not complain about our economy. You are part of the problem of outsourcing jobs. To the irresponsible corporations that outsource jobs – shame on you. Your decision of outsourcing jobs is stupid and short-sighted and gets the same results as shooting your own foot. Duh …

Why, because even though your products are cheaper by using cheaper foreign labor, the unemployed Americans still can not afford to buy your products due to lack of paychecks and, magically, you get sluggish sales and dismal earnings (must be the government’s fault). Wake up, America.

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Buy “MADE IN USA” products for our own safety and prosperity!

Charlie Jacobson