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Dear Editor:

Last year, when the city of Aspen was looking for police cruiser replacements, we wrote a letter suggesting that they buy American hybrids. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

America is our homeland. We, Americans, must unite and buy American products to keep our fellow Americans employed. There are millions of jobs currently outsourced by large corporations. It is up to us not to patronize that idea. Instead, we should buy only American-made products. It is obvious that the current skyrocketing unemployment rate of our fellow Americans is drowning our economy and affecting us all. We are all connected and in this mess together. When our fellow Americans are employed and have money to spend, the rest of us all benefit.

It is not only patriotic to buy American, but also comforting to know that “Buy American” is a movement that will help American families stay employed, keeps U.S. dollars inside our own homeland (Japanese vehicles may be made in America, however, the bottom line profit still belongs to the Japanese!).

It is also a big security issue for our country. Currently, our country (our homeland) owes China $2 trillion and still counting. Our last year’s trade deficit with China is at $247 billion as of November 2008. Japanese automobile companies are taking over the U.S. market. (Can you imagine that Americans may no longer have Chevys ” no more apple pie ” down the road?) What will be left for future American generations to assure their survival and allow them to be proud of this old, glorious country? Imported foreign products have failed to be well regulated and that has resulted in tainted food, toys and other things. It is time for all Americans to stand up and unite to take our homeland back by supporting American-made products.

Americans buy American to protect our home sweet home!

Charlie Jacobson


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